E-Learning Course encapsulates structured, thematically self-contained learning material, which can be distributed to the learner throughout Internet or using memory devices.

Typically, the eLearning Course accommodates self learning material, but unlike book or manual provides the following:

  • Powerful multimedia content - Graphics, animation and other rich-media material (audio and video in different formats, Flash-movie, Java applications and others).
  • Interaction - presentation of the learning material may depend on the actions taken by the user.
  • Different options for assessing and evaluating gathered knowledge (tests, exercises).

Incorporation of e-Learning Course into the Learning Management System and intercommunication between them enables the most efficient management of the overall learning process. Within Learning Management System the e-Learning Course is considered as an independent learning unit, which can be assigned for assessing the level of learning. Upon completion of e-Learning Course various reports could be generated by the Learning Management System.

From the education methodology perspective e-Learning Course corresponds to any conventional Learning Course - assuming that e-Learning Course encloses all the necessary self-educational learning material and tests for controlling and evaluating apprehension of the learning material.

Websoft CourseLab® is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, e-Learning authoring system that offers programming-free WYSIWYG environment for creating high-quality interactive eLearning content which can be published on the Internet, Learning Management Systems (LMS), CD-ROMS and other devices.

Object-oriented Model, realized in the Websoft CourseLab software allows constructing eLearning content of almost any complexity just as easy as you put together the building blocks. No HTML or other programming skills required. Interface based on an Open Object Model enables to easily extend and enhance existing libraries of objects and templates including those created by the user. You can also download additional templates and objects from the developer website. CourseLab software also enables you to create tests and animated presentations easily.

Websoft CourseLab® is free software. This software can be downloaded from the developer site: http://www.courselab.com/db/cle/root_id/download/doc.html
 Online community, FAQ and add-ons are also available on this site.